The narcissist is always the victim

Whatever bad things the narcissist does to you: The moment you confront him about it, he freaks out.

Threatening suicide, of course, because he is the POOREST!

Promising to move out, because nobody likes him, the angel!

Claiming to have a fatal illness that will take his life in the next few weeks! He also lived silently with this magic illness for many years, always hiding his pain, powering through all his hobbies like chopping trees and so on – he just never said a thing because you, all of you, are SO CRUEL to him! He will rather suffer and die silently. Oh, and last week, when his wife empathetically asked him how his illness was, he said: ??? What illness?

I cannot take this madness anymore.

All the things I had to suffer are not real: his coldness, his contempt, his cruelty, his former use of wea***s – that is not bad. The real bad person is ME! Because I am mean to the poor narcissist! I don’t adore him enough. Didn’t I realize that he is the NICEST? He is „soooo liab“ as the Swabians say. He is the best person in the world, a real saint!

Why I am I stupid enough to hope that he will one day show me his appreciation? When he claims that he likes me, that is enough in his narcissistic world! If he would treat me with respect, his narcissistic halo would shrivel!

Why am I feeling disappointed when he mocks all my interests, when he licks up my pain and despair like a delicious meal, when he treats all the STRANGERS with jovial friendliness and consideration for their feelings?
I am just his d*****r, I am trash incarnate. A splendid person like him could only produce an utter failure (sorry, b******s, he thinks lowly of you, too!). Isn’t it actually embarrassing for such a glorious human that his offspring is so, so worthless?